This week consider the following enquiry with an attitude of curiosity and kindness (and not an ounce of criticism).

“How much am I showing up for myself?”

If you appreciate structure to help you with this kind of thing, you might start by considering last week and asking yourself:

– on a scale of 1-10 how much did I show up for myself (‘self’ here includes your feelings, your body, your experience)?

– why not higher?

– why not lower?

Then for the week ahead ask yourself the same questions at the end of each day.

This is a real goodie of an enquiry for those of you who show up for other people and situations in a way that leaves you depleted and out there in the desert created when you can’t feel the heart of you.

It’s also an essential enquiry if your role at work is of the relentless high pressure variety and your workplace environment is demanding and in a state of flux.

My suggestion is to resist trying to ‘solve’ the enquiry or rushing to a ‘fix-it’ strategy. Just stay with your insights and let them breathe. It may be that you are your own best friend and you are there for you. If this isn’t the case and the time is ripe for an inner shift, your insights, gently held, will move you to action in right-timing and transform you and your experience.