Beautiful Slow wanted a sequel. Some more expression on this theme of slow. Not a huge long narrative. Just a little appearance. An acknowledgement if you like. A reminder. A don’t forget about me.

And I hadn’t forgotten. It’s been on my radar all week. This theme of slow. Circling in my orbit. Wanting me to play. Wanting me to be beautifully slow.

I’ve had a life to lead too. Family visitors to enjoy. A business to run. Clients to serve. Friends to see. Christmas trees to decorate. Cards to write. How has Beautiful Slow found its place in all that?

Interestingly it found its place by teaming up with my tired body. Together they have created a week of slowness for me. Tired Body (no doubt egged on by Beautiful Slow) said to me “Ok now dear Mandy. You need to be slow. Beautifully slow. These flesh and bones carrying you around are tired. Winter is here. We need some rest. We have a cold. We have a headache. We feel a bit sick. Be slow.” And so I was. I was slow. I made choices to create Beautiful Slow where I could. I cancelled evening commitments to honour Beautiful Slow and Tired Body. I apologised to people. They understood. I curled up on the sofa and watched Frozen again on DVD. My inner child cheered.

I did what I needed to do work wise. I still got up at 4.30am on Tuesday to get to Cheltenham in good time for a workshop I was facilitating. But I focused on Beautiful Slow all day. I talked slowly, moved slowly and breathed slowly. I was fully present all day. I got rave reviews. Rave reviews with Beautiful Slow as my companion. Rave reviews with my cold, my headache and my icky tummy. Beautiful Slow seemed to hold it all together and help me be at my best anyway.

What I noticed this week with Beautiful Slow as centre-stage was that when I did something, when I took action, it was coming from a place of stillness inside. And it made an impact. There’s a big ripple effect from a Beautiful Slow action. Fast actions tend to be reactive and in the long run not so fast at all. I know about this. They are often good at creating more action but perhaps not so good at creating true progress.

So let’s go back to Beautiful Slow and take a big deep breath as we come to a close. A luxurious deep slow in-breath and a long deep slow out-breath for this first weekend in December. Beautiful Slow is happy now. It has got its sequel and it’s got me firmly in the Beautiful Slow groove once again.

Is there a groove for Beautiful Slow in your life and in your work this week?