It sounds easy doesn’t it..being ourselves. Well we get out of bed, we see our family and friends and we do our work or daily chores. WE are doing all these things..right? So WE are being ourselves..right? Mmmm maybe it’s not quite so straightforward. We may have got used to a version of ourselves that isn’t a true expression of us, that isn’t our full potential, that has some conditioned thinking patterns or lives in reaction.

Being ourselves isn’t about wishful and unrealistic expectations of who we might become perhaps picked up from a self help book or flicking through the glossy pages of a magazine. It’s quite the opposite. It’s peeling back the layers that have come from such external expectations, whatever their source (and there are quite a few) and taking a peek at the wonderfulness that lies within us. And we don’t need to be living the perfect life to do this. Who we really are is with us all the time regardless of where we find ourselves today and irrespective of our external situation. Some people describe this quality of ourselves as our essence, our genius, our inner heart, our true self, our best self and many more words depending on the perspective we are taking.

If we are being ourselves things tend to flow in our life and struggle, striving, drama, reaction, stress all diminish Paradoxically we get out of our own way and allow things to unfold. Not in a passive kind of way. More in a highly alert and observant kind of way. And in a pro-active kind of way. We just know what to DO. There is an ease and peace in our actions.

Getting to this place of being ourselves is different for all of us. For some it’s their consistent way of living in the world, but for many, given the rapidly changing times we are in, it’s work in progress and is aided greatly by connecting to our foundation and living with a rhythm in our lives that suits us.