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Amanda Muckalt has just written the most inspiring leadership book I have come across. The techniques she suggests are not only clear, practical and achievable but above all, person-centred. There are many theories on how to become a good leader but ultimately it comes down to the individual and how they respond to the challenges presented to them. This book guides the leader through the IRON process which gives them the capacity to listen, reflect, communicate well and develop an inner steadiness. A powerful and transformative read.

Lesley Moore


I loved this book, it directly addresses the struggle of getting stability and change to coexist and work together in organisations. In these unpredictable times as organisations of all shapes and sizes are trying to navigate changing working patterns, hybrid teams and physical space, social norms, environmental change, the impact of AI and technology (to name a few), this book is the leaders map and handbook for ever changing territory. Incredibly helpful.

Jane Murray

Lawyer, Business Advisor, Founder, Board Advisor

This book is a gentle read with a powerful punch. I loved the case studies which illustrated various points appropriate for the section, and which contained two parts: the issue and a few chapters later, how the leader coped. Very useful real life stuff. It’s loaded with practical tools/activities to keep yourself balanced, listening (to people, yourself and your body) and observant. If I had this book more than a decade ago, I probably wouldn’t have quit my job…it’s clear now that I was a poor leader and pressure-cooked myself!

Holly Helt

CEO, Chiki Tea Ltd and Chiki Tea Japan K.K.

Some Amazon Reviews

“This is a thought provoking book which challenges you to look within yourself to become a better leader in any organisation. A great read with brilliant well presented ideas which are explained clearly alongside real life examples. A brilliant book to read and come back to for leaders of all kinds from businesses to schools.” PM

 “I especially appreciated the importance of reflection as a daily exercise. It’s also a really enjoyable read with down to Earth language and a great, easy to follow, layout. The author clearly knows her stuff!” SS

“I particularly value the emphasis on daily reflection—a practice that allows leaders to assess both their internal state and external circumstances. Its down-to-earth language and well-structured layout make it an enjoyable read, with plenty of time to sit and think after reading the chapters.” AB

“An informative practical read with a wealth of valuable information relevant across all sectors and organisations. The book contains many transferable ideas to enhance both business and personal perspectives. Leaders in both evolving private and public sector organisations can improve their communication and decision-making by applying this innovative 4 part model approach. A good read.” KB

“This book is a distillation of experience from a seasoned leader/coach/mentor. Full of applicable practical tips as well deep insight.” JB

“So good I did not want to put the book down. Great read for any leader in these changing times.” Miss L

About The Author

Amanda Muckalt stands for learning, flourishing and change.

By her mid-thirties, Amanda had lived in twenty homes across five cities and two continents; had six different careers; and set up her own leadership and life consulting business. Having now been a business owner for over twenty years, she balances change with stability. Amanda’s understanding of business is rooted in chartered accountancy and corporate finance qualifications, and roles in audit, corporate finance and sales at KPMG. Her people-development skills have grown through teaching secondary school maths, leading a multicultural team of over thirty people in KPMG corporate finance, qualifying as a professional coach and working with executives one-to-one and in groups across a wide range of industry sectors, including professional, legal and financial services, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, government and retail.

In her work with leaders, Amanda adopts a holistic approach and is passionate about supporting them to excel in change while flourishing in life. Her more conventional qualifications have been complimented with trainings in embodied leadership, conscious breathing, mindfulness-based stress reduction, Energetic NLP, Reiki, the Emotional Freedom Technique and spiritual direction. Yoga has been her beloved hobby for more than thirty years. Clients enjoy her down-to-earth style and positive energy.

Amanda has been a writer since she could hold a pen. As well as being a prolific journaler, she has blogged, published articles in Accountancy Magazine, Finance & Management and Operations Management, and written several e-books for leaders on the themes of change, decision-making and flourishing. The Stability Effect is her first published book.