Would You Love To Make A Change With The Confidence That It's Aligned To Who You Are And What You Truly Want?

The 12 Week Transformational Change Maker Programme With Mandy Muckalt
  • Are your priorities changing and calling you to discover a deeper level of authenticity and fulfilment in your life?
  • Are you passionate about living your best life and usually have a vision for the future so feel deeply frustrated with yourself that you don’t have clarity right now?
  • Do you currently feel fed up with your job and know this isn’t like you?
  • Do you want to approach change in a new way, one that doesn’t leave you exhausted through striving, pushing to make things happen and managing everyone else’s expectations?

Answers of YES to any of these questions are a sign that you are READY! Ready to be a Change Maker. Ready to navigate change in a way you never have before and move into the aligned and authentic new beginning that is waiting for you at this very moment.

My name is Mandy Muckalt and I developed The Change Maker Programme to fill a gap in the world that isn’t currently filled for professional women. Around the world women at work are waking up and want to be able to create the space to discover what it is they really need and want in their work and in their lives. There are so many women like you who have invested many years, and a lot of time and energy into your careers and now find yourself in a place where you’re feeling disenchanted and you don’t know what you want any more or what your life is going to look like in the future.

What you do know is that where you’re at right now isn’t working for you anymore.

Although this can feel very uncomfortable it is in fact excellent news. When you feel like this you’re acknowledging the truth of where you are and life is presenting you with a clear invitation for transformation. Even, and perhaps especially, when your inner discontent is compounded by a changing outer landscape in your work or home. The ground beneath your very feet no longer seems stable.

I’ve been moved to create this programme because this chaotic mix of inner and outer change has happened to me and each time I experience it I learn something new and richer and deeper about the art of creating new beginnings. I’ve also had the privilege of working with 100s of professional women, 1:1 or in groups, who have been experiencing inner and outer change.

My own career has involved 26 years of working with organisations, the first 13 of which were as an employee in a variety of finance, sales, coaching and consulting roles and the subsequent years in my own business offering change consultancy, leadership and change workshops and 1:1 leadership, transitions and transformation mentoring. I’ve also been involved in private client coaching, increasingly so as I observe that professional women are not being served through the current portfolio of corporate offerings.

The Change Maker Coaching Programme aims to fill this gap.

Whilst the Programme is tailored to the unique situation calling you to create a new beginning there is opportunity to learn a new way of experiencing change, an approach I have created to help you experience more ease in change as you dissolve resistance and force, and generate action and results from a gentler more connected, caring and evolving place inside. This creates a balanced and more flowing route through change. One where being and doing are aligned and holding hands together in partnership.

It’s time for us all to give our-selves and others permission to experience and create change in this easy way, without the fear which underpins the hard way of resistance and force. The world needs this approach right now. The workplace needs it. You need it.

Imagine what your life will be like, deeply connected to the stability and confidence which is always available inside of you, dancing with change in a lighter freer way, letting go of what no longer serves, being really clear on what you want to create, allowing all the good stuff in, and enjoying a new beginning where you are aligned with your authentic values and being fully and gloriously you!

It’s your time NOW.


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Why People Like You Join This Programme
  • To create the space to re-evaluate your priorities, acknowledge what fulfils you now in this phase of your life, release yourself from others’ expectations, listen to what is calling you and connect to an aligned, heart-sourced vision for your life-path
  • To let go of giving yourself a hard time and learn to deeply appreciate yourself so that you no longer need to rely on success in your career for validation of your amazingness
  • To get unstuck and start taking purposeful action aligned to who you really are and what you want to create in your life
  • To decide whether your changing workplace is a place you want to stay and invest in or whether it’s an environment you’ve outgrown and is time to leave
  • To be guided through a structured process for creating a new beginning which promotes ease, allowing and flow and supports you in becoming a powerful Change Maker
Here’s What’s Available For You To Learn on This Programme
  • How to build a stable foundation so that you can feel calm, confident and secure in the uncertainty and fluidity of both inner and outer change
  • How to reclaim yourself and discern what you really want in your whole life, without the distraction and noise of other peoples’ expectations of you and without the internalised out-dated expectations you have of yourself
  • How to align with your vision for change and create inner coherence
  • How to transform your inner blocks and resistance to creating a wonderful new beginning that is authentically and fully you
  • How to develop a practical action plan that will create the structure you need to realise your vision
  • How to work with your intention and attention so that you can enjoy the possibilities and potentials available for you as you both take planned purposeful action and allow unexpected even better things to emerge
  • How you can create new beginnings in your unique situation in a loving and fully resourced way, from the inside out

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What Makes This Programme Different From Others
  • We are pioneering a way to create and experience change that is based on connection, alignment and ease. This is revolutionary! It also leads to your true transformation
  • You have the benefit of an experienced professional mentor by your side, someone who has a wealth of experience of transitions and transformation and a deep understanding of how things work in the corporate environment if that’s where you currently are
  • You have the support of a mentor who deeply cares about educating, guiding and inspiring you in accessing the inner connection that will transform your life
Here’s Exactly What’s Included
  • Twelve 1:1 mentoring sessions on Zoom or Telephone with Mandy Muckalt. Each session is up to 60 minutes in duration and you can take them at any time during the 12 weeks.  We can discuss the optimum rhythm for you in our first on-boarding session.
  • Structured content tailored specifically to you and your change situation. Example themes we might explore are HERE.
  • Audio recordings of each session if desired so that you can monitor your progress.
  • Homework practises and reflections adapted to your needs, to help you embed and embody your insights and learnings.
  • Up to 3 email exchanges in between sessions as required.

What Clients Say About This Programme

Through Amanda' s expert and practical supportive coaching style she has helped me enormously to reflect on my personal values and life aspirations. Her encouragement to think more holistically about my whole life plan has really helped me to prioritise what is important to me. I am already experiencing a shift in mindset and seeing positive results. I would highly recommend. 

Dawn Jackson

Learning & Development and Engagement, Inclusion & Diversity Professional, ICBC Standard Bank Plc

My coaching experience with Amanda was incredibly liberating. I gained clarity and insight into what was important to me and revolutionised the way I spend my time and energy both at work and at home. I am very grateful for this as it has helped me become a happier, more integrated, less stressed person. I learned decision making tools which I still refer to today, built confidence to navigate the situation I was facing, spoke up in a difficult interaction, managed my boundaries and much more. Amanda also helped me to create a vision for my life and my future which was very exciting and I continue to be amazed at how that unfolds even today.

Nicky Aylward

BSc (Hons) Physio, Mindful Health and Wellness

Working with Amanda gave me a much better insight into my core values, motivators and behaviours. She provided tools to help me structure my thinking to define and create an exciting new role for myself within our business. I'm confident that many of the positive changes that Amanda has worked with me to affect are permanent and will deliver ongoing benefits to me professionally and personally. I found working with Amanda an inspiration. I have huge regard for her insight, energy, integrity and ability to engender long lasting change in others.

Amanda Blacklock

Global Marketing Director, GSK

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