The Transformational Change Maker Programme
A 12 Week Structured Transition Experience With Mandy Muckalt

Pre-Programme Orientation

Module 1: Deepen Connection To You
  • Your Transformation Team
  • Self Care, Inner Connection And Lightness
  • Daily Fulfilment Practise
  • Your Intrinsic Value And True Empowerment
  • A New Look At Your Self Image
  • Your Unique Gift And Talents
  • Your Sacred Standards, Boundaries And Other Peoples’ Expectations
  • Cultivating A Mindset Of Ease
Weeks 1 to 3 (Content Tailored To The Client)

Integration Session: Week 4

Module 2: Align With Your Authentic Vision
  • Losses, The Desert And Letting Go
  • Limiting Beliefs And Repeating Patterns
  • What Truly Matters Now – For You, For The World
  • Permission, Potentials And Possibilities For Big Positive Change
  • Beautiful Questions And Your Inner Vision For Change
  • Cultivating Alignment
Weeks 5-7 (Content Tailored To The Client)

Integration Session: Week 8

Module 3: Focus On Action, Learning, Ease
  • Resistance And Emotional Charge
  • Your Evolving Plan And Discerning Choices
  • Inner And Outer Resources
  • Money Talk
  • Daily Purposeful Action And Powerful Habits
  • Real Conversations
  • Loving Change
Weeks 9-11 (Content Tailored To The Client)

Completion Session: Week 12