Chris joins us today to talk about creating change through taking voluntary redundancy from her teaching role of c26 years.

In our conversation we cover the power of the ‘pause’ to discover what really matters, the validation of learning that a career of first choice may well be the optimum expression for our talents and strengths, the possibility of staying in a place too long because of an emotional attachment set up in the past and the power of knowing and saying what we want in this moment to create the foundation of a new beginning.

And my favourite quote from Chris…

“This might be the new direction…but then again it might not be.”

I love this because, in a world obsessed with certainty, it introduces flow and fluidity, and shows us that all we need to know is what feels right at this point in time. When we know this we can move and take decisive action within an uncertain landscape.

Thank you Chris for your courage, self-honesty and willingness to share your story of change.

To listen in to the podcast please click here.