In our first Story Of Change for 2018 we hear from Fiona Armstrong Hall who shares with us a colourful account of her portfolio life and what happened when she took voluntary redundancy from her financial role at AstraZeneca after the birth of her third child.

12 years on from that decision and a fabulously diverse wealth of experience later (writer on a magazine, photographer, setting up and running a deli, air bnbs…and more!), life presented Fiona with an amazing opportunity to join a start up PlayOn, a global network of sports professionals set up with the aim of maintaining their value after retirement.

With total authenticity Fiona shares with us the downsides and upsides of being in a start up, and being the only woman in the business! Well worth a listen-in.

Fiona never imagined that with a law degree, chartered accountancy qualification and corporate background of KPMG and AstraZeneca she would be working in such a different and unexpected working environment.

As Fiona says it’s all about “Being open to the possibilities that are outside your comfort zone”. And being willing to say yes to serendipity!

What really struck me about our conversation was how so many of the things Fiona was involved in during her 12 years between leaving Astra Zeneca and starting at PlayOn brought skills to her present role which she hadn’t valued as a skill at the time she was learning it. Nothing is ever wasted!

Thank you so much Fiona!

To listen in to the podcast click here.