Our foundation is at the core of us. It is what we stand for; the platform from which we prioritise, make choices and decisions, our guiding principles if you like. Most of us are familiar with the concept of houses needing strong foundations in order to provide stable shelter for us, but not many of us extend the foundation concept to our inner world and how we then live from this in the external world.

If we know and connect with our foundation we feel safe and sure. We know who we are, we are confident, steady and able to relate easily to others. But this knowing and connecting to our foundation isn’t easy…many of us weren’t encouraged to do this as we grew up. We weren’t encouraged to be ourselves..not through any malice of others; rather through them not knowing how.

We get in touch with our foundation through both inaction and action. When we take no action we can be quiet and still enough to really listen to our inner world and then take action with awareness and insight. When we take action we get to feel the impact of that action…does it feel good or not? Action that feels good is like a sign that we are aligned to our foundation. If it doesn’t feel so good we may need to course correct, try again to get our alignment and move nearer to our true selves. Really living from our foundation isn’t a perfect or linear science. It may well involve some trial and error; some tears as well as laughter. It’s all part of our human experience.

During periods of significant change our foundations are often well and truly rocked…like an anchor being uprooted and re-rooted somewhere else on the sea bed. This can feel destabilising and not at all pleasant at times especially if we like to feel in control. But it’s an integral part of being in transition and with support and experience we can learn to navigate such periods of transitions with more ease and move forward with renewed inner confidence and vitality.