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In Story Of Change Episode 11 we hear from Holly Marshall (smiling at us in the picture above) who shares with us her experience of leaving the corporate world and creating a new beginning for 2018.

The grumblings of discontent that Holly felt at the start of 2017 culminated in a total moment of clarity in October 2017 and she resigned the very next day without a plan or a job to go to. For Holly, the risks of staying exceeded the risks of leaving as she felt like she was losing all the good parts of herself in the job she was in.

How had she arrived at her moment of total clarity? There were three key factors during 2017 which contributed to it.

Firstly the demands of a 7-7 senior high powered professional role weren’t working for her family. Her 6 year old son had been going through tests for a diagnosis of autism and needed his mum for extra emotional support. Another huge aspect of her decision was the very sad loss of the husband of her best friend unexpectedly in his sleep. This tragedy brought all the clichés along the lines of ‘life is no dress rehearsal’ into the realms of being startlingly real. And finally Holly felt like she wasn’t adding any value in her work in the corporate machine… a figure-head unable to express her core strengths.

All these factors created a strong and compelling momentum for change. What’s interesting is that Holly resigned with no plan. And I can relate, as I’ve done this in the past too and known many other senior professional women who have done the same. Sometimes we have to call a halt to a particular way of working and create a space for something new to emerge.

How did Holly feel upon leaving?


And pro-active too! Because whilst working her notice-period she had the space to refine her thinking and was able to develop a plan. And it’s a brilliant one for where she is and what she aspires to. Holly has started this new year by setting up her own business offering consulting services which make the most of her strengths, expertise and passion…AND are of great value to society and the environment too! She already has a couple of potential opportunities in the pipeline. Listen HERE to find out more. All I’ll say is beep, beep.

Thank you so much Holly.