Today we hear from Holly Helt who in my own words is the Queen of Transformation! For Holly this is no big deal. She is a firm believer in re-inventing yourself so change is a way of life for her. With 51, soon to be 52, homes under her belt (all deliberate moves), 10 countries of residence, and numerous jobs before she found her groove as an entrepreneur, this lady knows a thing or two about change!

“You can use change in such a positive way if your mental state is accepting of it.”

Holly always views change as a blessing, a lesson and a gift. Her life has shown her that out of our biggest challenges or defeats something amazing arises and we can create a life we love.

At 6 years old Holly realised she could take positive actions and with a bit of patience do what she wanted to do.

“It was so empowering. I could see how I could affect my own reality.”

This manifested as a solo flight to Germany having saved enough money in her piggy bank! And so started her love of the new and being an adventurer.

What really struck me about our conversation was the role of FEAR in holding us back from living in the flow of our greatest potential. Holly talks about fear being part of her experience until the defining moment of her brother taking his own life. This event became instrumental in redirecting Holly into the life path of love and contribution she lives today.

One of her realisations was that much of her work related change had been driven by an individual-self related fear that showed up as seeking to do her best, seeking acceptance and seeking success. This created repeating patterns of working in organisations that ultimately left her unfulfilled in her work. As fear lost its grip in her life, Holly began making choices from a different place, one that was built on contribution and love.

And so the potential that was Holly as entrepreneur and Chiki Tea Ltd as joy based business had room to grow and what a blessing for the world that the potential became a reality.

Now, back in her birth-place of Japan and CEO of a thriving business, Holly is doing what she loves and that is spreading love and joy out into the world through Japanese tea! This is Holly’s passion.

For the past four years Holly has been living a simple life, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by rice fields, and focusing on contribution to humanity and “living to give”. This has really opened things up for her and allowed miraculous opportunities to unfold. She talks about the joy that she get from the customers who really appreciate tea and from the farmers she deals with…seeing how much a sale to a customer means to them…that’s what it’s all about for Holly. It’s not about her own bank balance!

Here is a woman living ‘on-purpose’, connected to the greatest aspect of herself, and living a life she loves.

Being in the countryside, after living in many major cities of the world, has enabled a deeply reflective way of living for Holly. This way of living and the practises Holly has adopted to keep her connected to her highest self give her the strength to handle all the aspects of entrepreneurial life, the joys AND the challenges.

Final words of inspiration from Holly:

“Life is so precious. You’re here one minute, gone the next. Do what you want to do. Stop being a victim of your head chatter! What is the worst that can happen?”

Heart-felt thanks to Holly Helt.

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