In today’s Story Of Change I loved listening to Liz Galbraith talk to us about her experience of leaving an organisation after 17 years of working there and subsequently navigating the whole new world of unchartered territory beyond!

A corporate career that was once fulfilling in its variety and opportunity became a source of great strain and misery for Liz as she carried a huge amount of responsibility running a big department without adequate resources. The things she loved about her work were being squeezed out. She was still committed to the brand and the team but was doing two peoples’ jobs, was 24/7 exhausted and constantly getting migraines. She really started to question what she was doing.

Liz describes a decision making process of around 9 months in which time things got worse. She employed someone to take the strain off her and he had a stroke. This was a wake up call. Finally it was a friend saying “Liz if you’re that miserable just leave” that brought things to a head. Liz replied “I’d love to leave but what am I going to do?!”

She left.

And walked into the unknown with an idea of turning her hobby of upholstery into a full time business, but with the firm intent to have the summer off, enjoy travelling with her husband and not go from one pressured work environment into another self created pressure zone.

That was two years ago.

During the period of transition from then until now Liz discovered that turning her hobby into a full time business didn’t work for her and she began to explore:

“What am I not getting from upholstery that I was getting from my job, as much as I didn’t like it?”

Part of this was the camaraderie that corporate life offers. There is a loss in any change and in leaving an organisation we leave an environment of people that have been part of lives.

Recently Liz has noticed that “The panic about DOING stuff is easing off”. I get this completely. The corporate world is built on DOING. There are deadlines and tasks and output and structure. So it is a real step change and mind-set shift to learn how to enjoy a new world without these things being imposed from an external system and ease into allowing ourselves to BE more and not have to achieve from a place of over-extending.

Closing words of inspiration from Liz:

“It’s now more about an exploration of my creative freedom and what I need to do to fulfil myself creatively.”

This is a different kind of development. One that redefines success in the post corporate world.

Thank you Liz Galbraith!

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