In today’s Story Of Change we hear from Joel Young who generously shares with us the shifts in identity he has experienced over the course of his life to date as he’s moved from a place of feeling unseen and unheard to a place of deep inner confidence and knowing that he matters.

Listen in and hear a truthful and fascinating account from Joel of his trying lots of different things to be somebody…music, drugs, alcohol, personal and spiritual development…to now just letting himself be who he truly is at a core level and supporting others to do the same through a system of transformation he has created called NPA (non personal awareness).

And my favourite quote from Joel?

“You matter. Come to the place where you matter and the place to find it is to start where you are. No matter what is going on. No matter what the changes are. If you can drop any judgment of yourself or others and go ‘this is the sober reality of where I’m at’..…If you can come into alignment with yourself there then you can move from a place of connection rather than place of distance, and that means the impact you have is greater because you’re connected to where you really are.”

Wise words indeed. Especially in a world of judgment, reframing and positive thinking. Let’s get compassionate and real instead and support our navigation of change by acknowledging where we truly are and starting from there.

Thank you Joel Young.

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