Lead In Change

A Leadership Programme For Uncertain Times
  • Are you a leader or future leader who is feeling the stress and discomfort of having to inspire others and walk the talk when there is much change and uncertainty within and around you?
  • Can you sense an invitation to expand your leadership and live your purpose at an even deeper level in these turbulent times?
  • Do you want to engage in change in a new way, one that is loving and kind, and doesn’t leave you exhausted and disheartened?

If this is you, it is you that I have designed the LEAD IN CHANGE programme for. I have heard your call for steadiness and a stronger sense of who you are in your leadership. I want to help you acknowledge this call and learn the skills to cultivate and act on it.

Programme Overview

The world and the workplace are changing rapidly. People and organisations are being asked to evolve and adapt at an unprecedented rate. This can only be accomplished through new ways of leading ourselves and others.

This experiential and interactive course, uniquely tailored for each organisational culture and context, explores how leaders can stay well amidst the extra demands on energy which change involves, make wise decisions in complex situations, and shape a positive and inspiring future.

Learning Outcomes
  • Deeper connection to your leadership purpose, vision and authentic success measures no matter what your stage of career.
  • Practical tools to manage the stress and discomfort of leading in change and uncertainty.
  • Awareness of your hidden resistances to change and knowing how to release them.
  • Understanding how your breath and your body support your mind to make good decisions in environments of uncertainty and information overload (“whole body-mindedness”).
  • Confidence in having connecting conversations about change with your team, stakeholders, and loved ones.
  • Ability to deal with and reconcile the inevitable conflicts and tensions that arise in uncertainty as people polarise and seek certainty in the safety of being right.
  • Appreciation of the importance of reflective learning and commitment to practising it.
  • A willingness to personally change and inspire others to change also.
What Makes This Programme Especially Valuable
  • We are pioneering a new way to lead in change that is based on care and power co-existing. This is radical! It also leads to you claiming fully the leader you are and empowering others in change.
  • You have the benefit of an experienced professional facilitator alongside you who has a wealth of experience of the worlds of business, transformational change and authentic leadership.
  • The range of transformation techniques offered includes cognitive, somatic, contemplative and integrative psychology tools to align mind, body and breath. All the tools are easy for you to learn and apply post programme.
About Amanda

I’m an experienced facilitator and coach working in the worlds of human transformation, business, and leadership. My passion is for focusing leaders on realising their fullest potential and expression in their work and in the world. With extensive experience working with clients in a wide range of industries and organisations, I’ve identified what enables people to lead (and live) well, and engage with uncertainty and change with more ease and greater reward. I’ve learned, as a fast-paced, reactive, make-it-happen, over-achiever, that it also takes inner steadiness and purposeful action to succeed.

This program takes my practical experience of facilitating 100s of leadership workshops over 15+ years, and integrates many of the processes and tools proven to innovate and generate positive change. Click HERE for more about me and my credentials.

Here’s How Some Clients Have Benefited From Working With Mandy

Amanda provided expert coaching during a key period in my career as I transitioned between roles. Her style enabled me to really connect mindfully with how I adapted my approach to leadership. Each session was thought provoking and very useful.

Ashley Schofield

Chief Executive Officer, giffgaff

I have worked with Amanda on various times over the last 10 years. Her insightful approach to coaching has always been a great help.

Jasper Hanebuth

Treasurer, Barclays Europe

Amanda worked with us to help create a cultural change in the way we develop our people. Her approach involved gathering data from key stakeholders and designing and facilitating workshops where we agreed the changes we wanted and identified how we might go about achieving our ambitions. Her vast experience of working within professional service firms and her talent for combining theory with practicality added significant value to us. Working with Amanda has made a positive impact within our business.

Ian Smart

Partner, Grant Thornton

Working with Amanda gave me a much better insight into my core values, motivators and behaviours. She provided tools to help me structure my thinking to define and create an exciting new role for myself within our business.  

Amanda Blacklock

Global Marketing Director, GSK