The photo of this leaf which I found on my doorstep popped up as a memory in my FaceBook newsfeed today. I remember being awestruck by its beauty last year. I am stunned again this year by its simple grace. And I’m also seeing it in the light of a 1:1 mentoring programme I’ve been developing called the New Beginnings Foundation Programme.

An aspect of this mentoring programme is letting go, because to create something new we need to let go of the old. Many of us resist this. Fear can keep us holding on for dear life to something which is comfortable for us but no longer fits who we are now.

Perhaps this ‘something’ we are holding on to is a habit, a job, a relationship, a home location, a way of living, an ideal, a concept, or a belief or out-dated story we have about ourselves.

For a tree, letting go is a natural event that happens when it’s time to move to a new phase, signalled by a new season. Without letting go the cycle of growth and renewal is blocked and the new phase cannot happen. A tree shows us beautifully right timing in action. The old phase isn’t wrong. How could it be? It was in perfect timing itself. It’s just no longer a fit for what wants to happen now.

What about you? What wants to happen now for you?

As you too begin to prepare for the winter ahead what is it time for you to let go of…in your work or in your life?

What small step can you take today to begin this process?

Let us all know. Your share might inspire someone else.