Last week I was video-interviewed by the wonderful Vicky Etherington who is the creator of The WordPress Bootcamp 12 Week Course. Vicky was asking me about my experience of building my new website through being a participant on the Course.

During our conversation I found myself sharing that I had long held a belief that I wasn’t any good at technology related things and this was a key reason why I had outsourced the building of previous versions of my site.

And how fabulously confidence building it was to discover, as I worked through the Bootcamp content, that the well told story I’d been telling myself and others FOR YEARS about my computer illiteracy and technophobic tendencies was complete nonsense!

Just goes to show that us coaches are human too and still have some limiting beliefs tucked away in the corners of our minds that we haven’t yet shone the light on.

What about you? Are there any beliefs you have about yourself that are holding you back and keeping you small in some way?

How about digging them out, dusting them off, taking a good look at them and for each one in turn asking…

“Is it true? What’s my evidence? Who am I when I believe this? Who would I be without it? What possibilities open up to me as this belief dissolves?”

Go on. I dare you.

Feel into the answers and let me know what you discover.

And if you want any help with this don’t hesitate to book a free belief buster call here.

If I can build a website, anything is possible!

And I think you’ll all agree the world needs some new possibilities right now.

So…I’m off to dig out a few more tired old beliefs that are holding me back from serving humanity in the best way I can!

Are you going to join me?

If you want to shine the light on your limiting beliefs then book a free belief buster call with me here so that you can do your bit for humanity! Because you hiding out and playing small isn’t good for the world.

Oh and do click here for the interview if you fancy a watch/listen in.