As people in business evolve and change so too do the organisational systems within which they work.

In this wonderful presentation to the Dalai Lama at the Mind & Life Conference (link below), Frederic Laloux presents the key ideas of his work on Reinventing Organisations. These key ideas are research based and observe that an old system is dying in the world of work and a new system emerging. A system that shows us a new way to hold Power and Care. A system that is more loving and more life giving.

The transition from old to new involves:

  1. Power hierarchies becoming self organising systems
  2. Workplace cultures where safety is sought in separation being transformed to work as a place to live in wholeness
  3. Predict and control mindsets evolving into mindsets able to sense in to Purpose and respond accordingly

To sum up he says:

“If we know where to look we can already see the new emerging…this is a message of hope for all of us who are leading and participating in an organisation, a school, a business, a hospital…that if something hurts your integrity, hurts your soul in the way we run things, there is inspiration out there for you to look for how to do things differently”.

I urge everyone involved in a workplace to make a cup of tea, sit down and watch and listen. Even better to gather a few colleagues to watch with and discuss.

To access the presentation please click here.