Here I am in Starbucks in Lancaster where I spent the first 18 years of my life (to clarify those 18 years were in Lancaster…not in Starbucks…I don’t think Starbucks existed then). I am here for wifi access to start this blog which I set up back in March whilst in London and haven’t yet felt inspired to write. But now I do feel inspired (it must be the Lancaster air) so I’m making a start…

When I set the blog up I had some musings over its purpose and what I might write about. So let me revisit that and check in that it still feels right.

Purpose…of the blog is to support us in

  1. Being ourselves
  2. Being well
  3. Expressing ourselves fully and truly connecting with others
  4. Flourishing through change

Reasons why… these things might be a good thing right now

  • Our external environment and places of work are shifting…everything is changing
  • The volume of external stimuli in our modern life is huge…it’s easy to lose touch with ourselves and our loved ones
  • Our wellbeing is being constantly challenged…let’s get back to true vitality

Ten variables… to help us stay true to who we are, promote our wellbeing, express ourselves and connect to others, and flourish through change

  1. knowing and expressing our true self
  2. connecting to a higher power/having meaning beyond ourself
  3. connecting to others
  4. being mindful/paying attention with intention
  5. establishing and living from our foundation
  6. practising a daily rhythm/developing supportive habits
  7. mastering our mindset/renewing our mind
  8. looking after our body
  9. applying common sense/being practical
  10. feeling alive in all we do/enjoying life!

My intention…check in now done and the purpose of the blog and what I might write about still feels right to me, although there is a small acknowledgement that the purpose is rather big and may need focussing more at some point. Let’s see what happens as my writing evolves.