When you’re really busy, running around, multi-tasking and spread thinly in your life, it’s easy to lose your mojo and get tangled up in noise – in the world, and inside your own head. Some days are spent simply putting out fires, and surviving minute by minute. It can become very difficult to find the breathing space to take a step back, notice what’s going on, and discern what changes and decisions are needed in your work, life, leadership. If you can relate to this, and want to shift the dynamic, here’s my thought for the day for you.

Stephen Covey’s 4 Quadrants Model

You may have heard of the Covey’s Quadrants model as a productivity tool, but it is so much more. If you are unfamiliar with it, and want to get into the detail, check out Covey’s book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

The quadrant that I believe can empower the over-stretched midlife woman in leadership is Quadrant 2, IMPORTANT NOT URGENT. I call this quadrant 🔥The Zone of Magic Potential🔥 because identifying what’s REALLY in here (with the gift of perspective that your life experience offers) can open new insight and possibilities for you very quickly, and help you get beyond noise. It is the quadrant with the potential to change your life, leadership, even the world, hugely, for the better, if you give it your attention and honesty.

In this zone lives those aspects of your experience which are important to you, and yet because they are not jumping up and down as urgent, can get overlooked as not essential. Take a step back though, and you’ll see that they are.

The Zone of Magic Potential

Over the several decades of my life to date, I’ve successfully accomplished many things. Yet some important dreams remain un-birthed, sitting quietly in my zone of magic potential, untended-to, because other things seemed more urgent. These include designing and sharing an inspiring TEDx talk with you all, growing my own fruits and vegetables, and having an in-person retreat space for soul-tired women in business who want more joy, impact and ease in their life and leadership.

What About You?

What’s important to you that is slipping under your radar in the demands of the day to day? What has the potential to expand and transform your life, leadership, world if you could find a way to give it your time, energy, and love?

What needs YOU, with your unique blend of personality, purpose, history and skillset, to breathe life into it and with a lightness of touch, open a doorway into deeper fulfilment and broader impact?

Image by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash