Maybe we are not who we think we are.

I have a feeling we have it all wrong. All back-to-front and upside down.

This question of identity.

We might think we are a person who likes this and that. Who doesn’t like that and this. Who needs apples and bananas. Who wants lolly-pops and sherbet dips. Who can do x. Who can’t do y.

But is it true? Really? With all honesty?

I’m not so sure.

Or have we just become attached to some part of our identity and locked it down. Set it in stone. “That’s me that is”. I know who I am now. And in that locking down a brittleness can set in. An illusionary sense of self. A false sense of security and limitation.

This question of identity.

I’m still pondering it. I have a feeling we have it all wrong.