The New Beginnings Foundation Programme
A 30 Days Intensive To Reorientate Your Life And Work With Mandy Muckalt
Potential Themes To Explore

  • Seeing What’s Here Now
  • Radical Self Care
  • Relationships And Your Support Network
  • Inner Connection Through Body, Breath, Mind Alignment
  • Playing To Your Strengths
  • A Mindset Of Ease
  • What Really Matters
  • What Fulfils You
  • A New Look At Your Self Image
  • Building Confidence And Deep Self Trust
  • Having Real Conversations
  • True Empowerment And Your Intrinsic Value
  • Boundaries And Managing Other Peoples’ Expectations
  • Your Relationship With Money
  • Making Wise Choices
  • Transforming How You Spend Your Time
  • Reflective Practises
Content Tailored To Your Context, Needs, And Priorities

My coaching experience with Amanda was incredibly liberating. I gained clarity and insight into what was important to me and revolutionised the way I spend my time and energy both at work and at home. I am very grateful for this as it has helped me become a happier, more integrated, less stressed person. I learned decision making tools which I still refer to today, built confidence to navigate the situation I was facing, spoke up in a difficult interaction, managed my boundaries and much more. Amanda also helped me to create a vision for my life and my future which was very exciting and I continue to be amazed at how that unfolds even today.

Nicky Aylward

BSc (Hons) Physio, Mindful Health and Wellness

The Intensive Day is for C-suite leaders, business owners and senior leaders. Participating in it is about fit, and guaranteed value add. Before you commit, we arrange a 20 minute call to discuss the Day and exchange questions. To organise the call email Amanda.