In Story Of Change Episode 12 we hear from Roxanna Marazzi who, approaching her mid-thirties, took the plunge and had some time-out from her busy job in technology to, in her own words, ‘reset’.

Was this career suicide or has it actually elevated her work opportunities and grown her in ways not possible by following the traditional (and rapidly disappearing) career ladder?

Listen in HERE to find out.

A sneak preview of what we talked about…

Being physically and emotionally drained and exhausted, feeling something is missing, healing retreats, questioning everything, the power of meditation to access answers to those beautiful questions that just won’t go away like “Am I truly happy or going through the motions of life?”, the taboo of taking time out of your career and self-investing, mindset change, taking a risk, the bucket-list, being a role-model and permission-giver to other women to take time out, following your gut-instinct and changing career direction!

We covered a lot of ground in 15 minutes!

Now Roxanna is back in the world of work in London. She knows her worth, feels aligned at a values level with the company she now works for and is proud to be part of it.

And the most significant change her career break experience gave her?

“The confidence to go out there and get what I want.”

It was such a privilege to hear Roxanna’s Story Of Change. What an inspirational lady. Thank you.

You can listen to the podcast HERE.