Sabina shares the very first Story of Change, a 7 minute personal account of the experience of being made redundant from her finance job in the City after working with the business from its start-up 14 years prior. Now almost 12 months on Sabina is in the midst of ACCA exams and has renewed hope for the future as we come to the close of the year and approach the start of another.

Well done Sabina for being the very first Story of Change woman. No precedents to listen to. Purely from her own heart. Courageous woman!

And my favourite quote from our conversation…

“Take a step back and think this might be a good thing…to change something…maybe your career or the way you’re living. Just welcome the change.”

Feeling much gratitude to Sabina and looking forward to connecting with other noble folk who want to share their Story of Change to support others.

To listen in to the podcast please click here.