Today we hear from Sarah who shares with us the transition she has been launched into as a result of breaking the little toe of her left foot in August this year. A tiny part of her body and yet a catalyst for such big growth and inner healing which continues even now.

There is great depth within the conversation. Being forced to stop, standing on our own two feet, speaking out, healing the feminine line, family dynamics, clearing guilt, boundaries, thought and language patterns, self care and surrender are some of the themes discussed. I’m left pondering on the potential to grow into who we really are by listening to and working with our body.

And my favourite quote…

“How it happened is really important. I was very aware of the thought patterns I was having at the time which was the key to why it happened and why I had to take notice.”

A great story of change to listen to as we move into the flurry of activity which the festive season brings.

Thank you Sarah.

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