In today’s Story of Change Sue shares the experience of her very own Escape to the Country with her husband and two children. If you’re wondering whether to take the plunge and move from city to rural life Sue’s story offers a practical and inspiring approach that will shift you closer to actually doing it.

And my favourite quote from Sue?

“Let’s just have fun with this and do little day trips to different areas and see if we want to live there…enjoy experimenting.”

This willingness to explore without the need to have it all figured out led to a choice of destination that everyone felt part of and excited by.

Wonderful too that the top criteria of all involved were met including that of Sue’s then 9 year old son to be near a Poundland!

My feeling is that there’ll be a part 2 to Sue’s story in a few months to talk more about integration into life in a village and a new school. Watch this space.

Thank you Sue.

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