In my last article I invited you to reflect on the story that unfolded for you in your life and career or business in 2016. What did you learn through this reflection? What insights will you take with you into this new year? Whatever your story of 2016 was it’s important to reflect on it, honour it and learn from it. It’s also important to acknowledge that it came into existence during a period which is now in the past. A new year has dawned. A new story awaits. With all its magical possibilities and potentials.

What will be the story of 2017 for you? What do you want to create over the next twelve months? What is seeking your attention for expression as you enter the energy of this new year?

To help you craft your new story find some time when you’re able to connect to you and feel fully present. From this place, ponder the three questions above and also ask yourself:

What is important to me right now at this moment in my life and work? What does it serve me to bring forward from 2016? What have I out-grown or is best left behind? What is the central theme of the new story I am creating for 2017? What are its chapters? Who is with me in this story? Without whose presence and support could this story not come into being? Where is my work or business in this story? Where is society and the world? Where am I? What wisdom does my future self at 31 December 2017 have for me about my story?

As you craft your new story please release any judgment about what you think you SHOULD be writing (or drawing or painting or however you are expressing it). Listen to your deepest aspirations and let them speak. Check in that it is YOUR story. Not someone else’s. Check in that it is REAL-TIME. Not that thing you wanted five years ago that no longer fits you but you feel reluctant to release. Check in to the WHY of your story. The reason you want it…for you, for others, for the world.

If, as you’ve crossed the threshold into 2017, you know you’re ready to write a new story and create a wonderful new beginning for your work and life please know that I can support you.