Women of Wisdom

Remember Who You Are, Gain Insight About What Next, Move Forward With Purpose



Women of Wisdom (“WoW”) is a unique opportunity to join a group of female leaders at a threshold in their work and life who want to make wise choices for their future, aligned with their deeper self.

Over 12 weeks we will be opening up the big questions, in confidence, between a group of successful women who have reached a key turning point, and have some significant things to consider about the direction they want to go in now. WoW is a safe, confidential place where we can have the honest conversations that create a platform for new and exciting possibilities.

Right Now You Need Space To Think

Right now you need space to think. You’ve achieved a lot and are proud of that, but your priorities are shifting and the global pandemic crisis brought things to a head for you. Big decisions are brewing. The trouble is that you have been, and continue to be, incredibly busy. With much of your focus out there in the world (getting the job done to a high standard, taking care of others, making sure none of the plates you’re spinning drop) you haven’t had capacity to really consider, at a deep level, what you truly want. Sometimes it might even feel like you don’t know who you are anymore. The uncertainty within your situation may have started to wear you down and your health might be suffering.

One of the challenges of success, and holding a position of seniority in an organisation or in your own business, is finding people to talk to who you can trust and who can relate to your experience. In the past, at various points, you may have sought out professional coaches or therapists but sessions then fizzled out because demands on your time made regular meetings difficult. You might have turned to self-help books and podcasts for insight, but found they didn’t really match your situation and were too general to be of value. You may have thrown yourself into health regimes as a way of supporting your mind and body, but this hasn’t changed the reality that you don’t know what to do next.

All this leaves you in the uncomfortable position of feeling like there’s no place where you can voice what’s going on for you, get clear in your thinking, and make purposeful choices.

If this is you, WoW might be the solution you’ve been looking for.



In the WoW group I invite a maximum of 5 female leaders to join me. This group is going to be powerful. We’re going to be exploring topics that are relevant and interesting to you, learning and growing together, and having fun along the way. In WoW you will get to talk about important things that you rarely get to talk about. Things like:

  • How you inhabit and cope with your work and life in a way that is most healthy and supportive for you.
  • Where you want to go in your life and work, what matters, and what’s really calling you (even if right now you have no idea).
  • What’s getting in the way of you making new choices to create the future you’re longing for (and importantly how to move beyond these things and into flow).
  • The actions you can take to express more of who you are in the world.

WoW is a place where you have permission to get curious, not know all the answers, explore possibilities, gain insight, and re-discover yourself, so that you can make new choices with ease, and move forward consciously into a future that’s true to you.

What Makes WoW Stand Out?

The Embodied Flow Method: An integrated approach to change 

I created the Embodied Flow Method (“EFM”) to introduce feminine principles into change methodologies dominated by the masculine for centuries, especially in the worlds of business and professional growth. It represents the culmination of decades of my work, discovering what truly helps a professional woman live creatively and authentically, and able to make choices that bring fulfilment. I’ve put everything I know into it. During your time in WoW we’ll be working in each of its 3 spheres (Connection, Direction, Flow) so that you learn a new way of being in change that embodies the true you. With consistent application of EFM you’ll reap the rewards of staying well in change, living with a clearer sense of who you are and where you’re going, and discovering the courage to move beyond conditioned patterns of limitation that have held you back.

WoW is a zone of zero imposition so that you have the freedom to be you

I won’t tell you what to do in WoW or force a solution on you that doesn’t fit. Instead I’ll open a space where you can meet yourself where you are, talk freely about your reality, share your hopes and dreams, reconnect with a well of courage inside you that can move mountains, discover your own solutions and make decisions that are right for you. I’ll be encouraging you to reconnect with the woman you may have lost, and be more of yourself, not less, or someone else. This might sound a small thing. In truth it is huge.

WoW combines pioneering, focussed presentations, with space for discovery

WoW isn’t a course in the conventional sense. You don’t need another course. You’re in a transitional stage of work and life, where a confidential, supportive group space, with opportunity for quality conversations, expert coaching, and discovery, is important. WoW provides this quality of group space and combines it with pioneering, focused input on relevant topics from the EFM to give structure and momentum. The input is tailored to the group and draws on poetry, art, science, data, embodiment, enquiry and reflective practice to stimulate deeper learning, discussion, and insight than more conventional approaches to navigating transitions and change can offer. Potential topics are highlighted in the WoW Journey which follows.

The WoW Journey


What generates inner steadiness within you? 

A Compassionate Mind

Settling In Your Body

Feeling And Releasing


Reflect, Integrate, Bridge To DIRECTION


What do you want now?

Deepest Desire

Listening For The Way

New Vision

Reflect, Integrate, Bridge To FLOW


 How can you keep on moving and growing in line with the bigger picture?

Your Ever-Present Current

Dynamic Planning

Fully You


About Me

A former maths teacher, chartered accountant, and mergers & acquisitions advisor, I retrained as a coach in 2002. This freed me up to re-connect with a love of poetry, discover the joys of painting, and integrate a life-long passion for well-being into my work with professionals. In 2004 I set up my leadership and coaching business to help leaders deepen into who they are and live their purpose in the world. Over the years I’ve facilitated 1000s of change and leadership workshops, and coached 100s of professionals privately, or through their organisations, in a wide range of industry sectors, including Accenture, Cinven, Civil Service, Grant Thornton, GSK, Harrods, JP Morgan, O2 and Uber. I’ve also written many published articles about flourishing through change and spoken at several professional womens’ networks. My first book The Stability Effect was published in January 2024.

Here’s How Some Women Have Benefited From Working With Me

I have recently worked with Amanda over a period of 6 months in support of a leadership course that I was undertaking. Her coaching came at a time of significant change in my life and her holistic approach to supporting individuals enabled us to have broad and powerful conversations identifying patterns and commonalities across all aspects of my life and career. Her sessions gave me fresh thinking and inspiration for the future whilst being grounded in building a strong understanding of my personal leadership strengths and how to maximise their impact. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Mandy and would recommend her wholeheartedly.

Jill Long

Director of Finance & Strategic Performance, Teenage Cancer Trust

I worked with Amanda over a period of six months and in that time she helped me not just identify my strengths and how I used them but most importantly she helped me really believe in myself and my strengths. Amanda got me to dig deep and explore actions I had taken and actions I was planning to take. By getting me to look at things from lots of different angles, I got to know myself and have much more confidence in myself as a result. This ground work has given me the springboard I needed to take charge of my career and move forward with purpose.

Harriet Avison

Head of UK Finance Risk Office, Capital One

I found a deep sense of confidence that I have been missing for some time. I feel energised and have some new tools to utilise and reflect on that will help me to stay in this incredibly positive place. I think it is a monumental achievement for Amanda to help me to get to that point during a global pandemic and unprecedented uncertainty in my life and the world around me. It has resulted in one of the best transitions to a new role I have ever had.

Tracy Isacke

Head of Vendor Relationships, Silicon Valley Bank

Working with Amanda gave me a much better insight into my core values, motivators and behaviours. She provided tools to help me structure my thinking to define and create an exciting new role for myself within our business.  

Amanda Blacklock

Global Marketing Director, GSK

When You Join WoW You’ll Specifically Receive


  • 6 fortnightly meetings of up to 90 minutes via Zoom to connect with others, learn, share, and gain insight in a structured way.
  • Post meeting practices and enquiries to help you explore the big questions and go deeper.
  • Optional private online forum for those who enjoy the virtual space and wish to share experiences, ask questions, and continue to strengthen relationships with each other between meetings.
  • Electronic versions of slides, tools, or handouts that I share with the group so that you can build your own WoW resource kit.
  • Audio recordings of each meeting for you to re-listen to as often as you want, and, if you need to miss a week, stay up to date with topics discussed and hear my responses to any specific questions you have about your situation.
  • Exclusive opportunity to work with me 1:1 for that extra deep dive, at a significantly reduced price for WoW members only.
You’ll Also Receive These Complimentary Bonuses
  • BONUS 1: An inspiring, thought-provoking guest speaker, to be chosen and announced when the unique blend of the group is apparent.
  • BONUS 2: A group zoom reconnect meeting 4 weeks after completion, to share your experiences and actions post WoW.
Let’s Talk About Costs

WoW is a substantial investment in yourself and your future. The return on this investment cannot be measured in conventional ways. The return involves your fulfilment and joy, your wellbeing and radiant expression in the world. These qualities of life are priceless.

Consider for a moment what will happen if you don’t get the support that will help you pause, explore what’s really going on for you, and help you align with the fulfilling future calling you. What’s the cost of that route going to be? If you burn out, as so many driven women do, what would that cost you physically, emotionally, financially? What if you make a poor decision about the way forward because you’re so exhausted and can’t think straight? What if you make no decision at all and then suffer the opportunity cost of not allowing yourself to grow and change? What about all THESE kinds of costs? They could cost you a lot of money and a lot of heart-ache. Please don’t go this route.

What I’d encourage you to do is compare the investment in WoW to the difference it could make to your your sense of purpose, your health, your work, your leadership, and your business. What is that difference worth to you? You might spend £3,000 on a holiday, and while that’s really important, sometimes we are more reluctant to spend £3,000 on our own development and quality of life, and on something that can make a shift not just in the short term but quite possibly for many years to come. Making key decisions and investing in new skills required for your ongoing growth and evolution, can have a knock on impact for five to ten years or more, for you, those around you, the world.


Take Action Now

Your joy and fulfilment matter. The world benefits greatly when you are in your true, alive, and full expression so do get in touch now. Here’s where you can complete the application form to apply for WoW and arrange a call with me.




Got Concerns?
  • “I’m too busy to join.”

If you’re thinking this consider what’s going to happen over time if nothing changes for you? If you continue as you are, where will you be in 6 months, a year, five years? What will the impact of this be on you, your loved ones, your clients/team/business, the world at large? If you draw a blank on these questions, or they alarm you, WoW is the place to explore that. Often we move so fast that we fall into the trap of being busy using our precious energy on activities that don’t really matter to us, or even worse, on activities that drain us because we’re done with them. Ultimately this can lead to us being unwell, burnt out and miserable. At some level we forget that our time belongs to us. Joining WoW is a first step in claiming time as your own.

  • “I should be able to sort this out myself.”

As a capable, professional woman who is used to dealing with difficult issues and moving forward decisively you may be thinking this. The place you’ve reached now though is different to other challenges and choices you’ve faced. This place brings with it an invitation to go deeper and create a future that is truly fulfilling, and truly YOU. At some level you know you need a new approach to healthily move through the uncertainty you’re feeling and respond to what’s calling you. Getting the right professional expertise to support you with this is essential. Surrounding yourself with women you can trust and who will listen to you is a gift that it’s time to give yourself. You don’t have to do this on your own.

There are definitely times in life when you reach a crossroads and things can go either way.  Redundancy can be devastating and frightening but, with the right support, can also be liberating and exciting.  I had never thought of using a coach but then I met Amanda and with her help I worked out what success meant for me and what I really wanted to achieve for the future.  I was able to turn redundancy into a brave new start and 18 months down the line I'm still thankful that I took some time get a new perspective and make the right choices for me.

Ruth Carr

Marketing Consultant, Freelance

My coaching experience with Amanda was incredibly liberating. I gained clarity and insight into what was important to me and revolutionised the way I spend my time and energy both at work and at home. I am very grateful for this as it has helped me become a happier, more integrated, less stressed person. I learned decision making tools which I still refer to today, built confidence to navigate the situation I was facing, spoke up in a difficult interaction, managed my boundaries and much more. Amanda also helped me to create a vision for my life and my future which was very exciting and I continue to be amazed at how that unfolds even today.

Nicky Aylward

BSc (Hons) Physio, Mindful Health and Wellness


I think Amanda is a very talented woman and coach. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a coach whether it be for personal or career. I honestly believe that if I hadn’t worked with Amanda I wouldn’t be as assimilated or as happy as I am today.

Lisa Jazwinski

Global Marketer, Bacardi

I went to Amanda for executive coaching when I was taking on a new role. The reason that I chose Amanda is because of her excellent grasp of both the "hard" side of business (finance, etc) and the "soft" side (people, emotions, etc).
Cate Newnes-Smith

CEO, Surrey Youth Focus